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Hey - some more stuff for you.

I really need some shit to sell! I really want to take the boy to the football for his birthday but I have only enough for one ticket (mine) so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE buy.

Some new, some repost.

3/4 length sleeved 007 t-shirt from flip. It says size 34 but I don't know what that is so I'd say 8-10.

Black United Colours of Beneton vest top. Size small, about a 10.

Red dragon long sleeved t-shirt from Tammy. 158cm...
The third picture is of the sleeve.

Size 5 (UK) Nike trainers. Blue, white(-ish) and Red. I'll wash them before sending if you want. Good condition, bit worn at the toe.

Spiky wrist band thingy. Bit too big for me, probably for bigger wrists.

Belt with blue flowers. About 65" in length, ties at the ends.

Black PVC skirt. Aged 13.
Waist (side to side) is 13" and it's 16" in length

Off white coloured plain pinifore. Bought from Kylie (Maccays) aged 13, (158cm)

63 t-shirt. Mary Kate and Ashley. Aged 12-13. It doesn't say Mary Kate and Ashley on it except for a tiny label at the side.

J-17 sleeveless t-shirt. I think it says 17 on it in a flower type thing.

Long sleeved t-shirt. Looks like 3 layers. Pink sleeves with a black short sleeved look on top and a black net with no sleeves ontop of that.

White t-shirt from George (ASDA). Aged 14-15. I'd say 8-10. Says cool on it in blue studs and a cute wee star too.

White lycra t-shirt. Origionally bought for wearing under a football shirt when it was cold. Never did that though..:P
Size 10 made by XPG

Blue sleeveless t-shirt with 3 zips on it from Tammy. The zips are actually little hands. 158cm.

Pink net vest top. A lot brighter than in the photo. Size Large from Quiz.

Dark red nike t-shirt.
Size XL boys.

Gorgeous red bag, with a rainbow stripe. I can get measurements if anyone wants.

Pale yellow, kinda silky t-shirt. Size Small from H&M. I wear a size 10 and it fits me.

Another gorgous bag. This time from osirus. Again I can get measurements.

Small black bag. Has a pocket inside for a phone. Ask for details.

Beside the bags is an A4 magazine to roughly get the size.

I'm sorry for all the football things (My shirt, the magazine, the wall)...

I only accept Cash or Postal order at the moment...sorry...
I'm open to trades :)

If I get enough dosh, you lovely people will also be funding my trip to spain to see these two lovely men :




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