:/\: Mjallby's my man :/\: (mjallby_fan) wrote,
:/\: Mjallby's my man :/\:

This is my 1st proper selling post...if you need any more info just ask :)

3/4 length sleeved 007 t-shirt from flip. It says size 34 but I don't know what that is. £3?

Short sleeved "rusty" t-shirt. Size Medium. £3.50?

Dragon vest top. I bought this in Italy but it's way too big :( Size 32. It is a vest top, I just angled the camera wrong... £2?

Black United Colours of Beneton vest top. Size small... £4

I don't know how much any of this cost and it means nothing to me really so if the prices are too high then offer me :)

It's all brand new/never been worn.

I accept conceled cash (AYOR!) or cheques.

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