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*young jackie mcnamara in the hoops of white and green*

hey! couldnt be bothered posting properly yesterday so here's yesterday and today's posts.

yesterday...shit-ay day at school, mr mcghee was quizzin me about megan but i can tell u he got fuck all out of me! i was like naw..no idea..dont have a clue....
but then after school i went down 2 roisins and was with paul for about 3 hours! it was brilliant! we were outside and it had been rainin and the seats were soakin but i sat down anyway and paul sat on my knee and cuddled into me! (it was cold!) then we went inside (me with a wet arse and all!) so..we went to get food in the sun chippie (cue scot's joke, what's the hottest part of the sun?" page 3) we were just walkin and paul took my hand and it was soo sweet! we ate the pizza, went back to roisins. we sat and watched "still game" hilarious!! with my head on pauls shoulder, his arm around me and his hand holdin mine it couldnt have got much better...'till he kissed the top of my head! i was sooo happy.

today was pure shit-ay though. i had to go into town with my mum, gran, 2 aunts and my cousin. it was pure crap! i got a mcdonalds for dinner, seen miggs..made it a little better but not a patch on yesterday!
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