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Name: Clare

Sex: grrrl

Birthday: 19th December 1989

Height: 5" roughly

Hair Color: brown/blond/sometimes green

Eye Color: blue

Eye Color of Choice: uuuuummm green

Writing Hand: right,

Body Ills and Skills

Nervous Habits: donno....

Do you bite your nails?: yeah

Are you double jointed?: NOPE

Can you roll your tongue: yeah!!

Can you blow smoke rings?: I donno....never tried

Can you blow spit bubbles?: what?!

Can you cross your eyes?: yea!!


On the average, how much money do you carry in your purse/wallet?: not much! i normally carry money in my pocket...

What jewelry do you wear 24/7?: none....

Favorite Piece of Clothing: Kurt T'Shirts or Celtic Strips


Do you wind your spaghetti or cut it?: i dont eat spaghetti

How often do you brush your teeth?: at least twice a day

How often do you shower/bathe?: every day normally..doesnt everyone?

How long does your shower last?: depends....if im watching football i wash my hair at half time...15 mins..if not...as long as i want it to be

Have you ever colored/highlighted your hair?: yeh...green

If the fountain of youth existed, would you drink from it?: i donno...maybe

paint your nails?: not for a while now


Do you swear?: FUCK NO

Do you ever spit?: no!!

What's your favorite

Food: donno...whatever is there..

Month: December

Day: Saturday

Cartoon: Jonny Bravo (apparently he looks like my johan)

Shoe Brand: converse

Subject in school: social ed...

Color: green/black

Person(s) to talk to online: Paul Greene, he actually talks to me

Sport: footie!!

Body part on/in you: donno...go ask someone else

TV show: offside

Movie: Finding Nemo oooh!

Vacationing Spot: Italy..It's the only place i go

Thing To Do In The Summer: Hang about with ppl.

Thing To Do In The Winter: hang about with ppl.

TV Station: BBC1? i dont have one

In and Around

The CD Player: Nirvana....Unplugged in NY

Person you talk most on the phone with: Paul..

Do you regularly check yourself out in store windows and mirrors?: no..i dont giv a shit what i look like

What color is your bedroom?: blue...although that was my brothers choice..im paintin it green soon!

Do you use an alarm clock?:naw..its my mum

Have you ever skinny-dipped with the opposite sex?: no!

Ever sunbathed nude?: nope

Window seat or aisle?: Aisle

La La Land (awww)

What's your sleeping position?: I donno!! im asleep!!

Do you snore?: not as far as i know

Do you sleepwalk?: nope

Do you talk in your sleep?: i've been told i do

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?: erm....no......*looks suspicious*

How about with the light on?: no, who does?

Do you fall asleep with the TV or radio on?: yeah all the time.
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